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Manager and songplugger seeks singer and musician with recording studio for "spec work." I am not a recording artist, so I prefer to collaborate with those who are willing to record my songs in exchange for my efforts in promoting their work to the industry. Most genres except rap or hip hop.

Must be equipped to produce full demos or "radio ready" recordings. Everyone in the industry wants finished product these days. A "radio ready" recording allows me to shop the song and artist directly to record labels, publishers, managers, music supervisors, filmmakers, production libraries, etc.

Many indie labels and artists have recorded and released my songs, which have received international radio airplay. If you record my songs, I'll be glad to include your name, photo, bio, and contact information on all e-mails, CDs, lyric sheets, mp3 files, websites, etc.

Please include a hyperlink to your music or EPK. Thanks.
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